Adding It Up – August

Lego Man Holding Cash

August was another good month for additional income, coming in at a nice £86.94. The break-down of where the money was earned can been seen below.

Aug 7 £86.94
Amazon Selling Account 3 £25.92
eBay 3 £42.52
Survey 1 £18.50

The total was given a nice boost by a survey site paying out the cash I had accrued from months of giving them spurious market research data. Two payments in as many months is good going actually, although that does mean I’ll probably have to wait a while until I get any more from them.

The Amazon funds came from selling three different books. One was an unwanted present that had been sitting unread on my shelves for a couple of years, one was sold on behalf of a family member, and another was a charity shop find.

The eBay sales were from yet another set of varied items. The best profit came from a brand new PS3 game bought with Amazon vouchers earned from online surveys and converted into cash via an eBay sale. This is the second time I’ve done this and it’s a nice little earner. List the item as Buy It Now at more or less the top price on eBay and it sells within 24hrs of listing. The only drawback to this is the infrequency of having the vouchers to make the ‘free’ purchase in the first place. Plus, I often use the vouchers for stuff I want myself, or to subsidise birthday present purchases.

A much smaller chunk of the money from eBay was earned through selling second hand items I already owned. One was an old LG mobile phone, the other was a pair of Hush Puppy pumps. The shoes sold quickly via a Buy It Now purchase with just enough profit to justify the (minimal) hassle of listing and posting them. The mobile phone is another story altogether.

The short version of the LG mobile sale is that it and it’s boxed accessories sold for £7 plus postage in a Buy It Now sale. Phone bought, paid for, and posted with positive feedback sent and received. However, I had previously listed this in auctions twice, with a starting price of .99p each time, and twice people won the item but never paid. The first buyer won it for £7.50, but never paid and never replied to any emails. I got my fees back through a ‘Non-Paying Buyer’ case. The buyer’s account was reasonably new and he already had a negative from a buyer, so this was clearly not a good eBay customer to have. I re-listed it at 0.99p.

The second ‘winner’ won at £6.50 then messaged me to say he had no intention of paying as I or someone I knew was clearly bidding against him to drive the price up. On a phone that cost £6.50! I replied saying that he was mistaken and where was his evidence, and apart from receiving a cryptic response that made no sense to me, it all ended there. My ‘NPB’ case auto-kicked in after two days of non-payment and then I cancelled the sale and got my fees back.

Despairing of the phone’s bad luck in auctions I decided to list it as BIN. The only advantage of having two aborted sales was that I now had my pricing point for an old phone that had an intermittent fault, but also had all its accessories. I relisted it for £7 BIN and it sold in a couple of days. I suppose it’s a good example of the weird things that go on in ‘eBay world’.

I don’t have any listings up right now as I don’t have any obvious items to sell at the moment. I have a dozen or so books on Amazon, and they sell in a pretty random fashion so I’ll have to see what happens in September for those. I’m yet to have a month with no extra income coming in, so fingers crossed!

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