Creative Writing Course – Week 24

Last week’s blog was late, and this one is right on time, so they come thick and fast this week for a change.

Week 24 of my writing course is the penultimate class. Next week we hand in our third chapters of our novels for grading. Then we have to go it alone. Some people have finished their novels, others, like me, have only got the first three chapters. I intend to continue working on mine, but I fear that after focussing on the first three chapters with appraisal and editing from the tutors, the rest of the novel might well be junk. Nevertheless, I’ve leant a lot from the course and hopefully I can use some of the skills in the execution of the full novel.

As for this week’s class, it was mostly spent talking individually about how we feel about our third chapters. I’m reasonably happy with mine, although I feel the length is a little on the long side, so I’ll have to trim it down a little and decide whether or not to include another scene that has been bugging me to be included. On hearing other people talk about their chapter threes, I realised I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Some of the issued raised by the group were;

  • Formatting
  • Chapter length
  • Synopsis

There are no real hard and fast answers to these questions, so it’s not worth debating them here, but they’re all things that any writer encounters at some point or another.

The rest of the time was spent talking about the publishing process and industry in general, which turned into a kind of Q&A with the tutor. Subjects about the role of editors, re-writes, royalties, and traditional publishing versus ebook self-publishing made for interesting discussion, all of which are being debated all over the net, so I won’t cover that ground here.

Like I mentioned in the last blog post, once the course has concluded next week I’ll need to find new material to write about. I’ll try and keep it writing-related, but any suggestions would be welcome.

Twitter v Facebook?

When will vampire novels finally become passé?

Monkey tennis?

2 thoughts on “Creative Writing Course – Week 24

  1. How about a book where all the vampires get eaten by all the zombies, who in turn catch a disease that makes them die. We might then get some shelf space in the shops for real books.

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